Alison Lyon

“When we honor our dreams by paying attention to them, a world of beauty and magical transformation starts pouring into our waking life.”

John Lennon was right when he said he is not the only dreamer, we are all dreamers!

Sadly most of us are not dreaming big enough…even worse it seems many of us have completely severed ourselves from our dreaming self (our higher self). From personal experience I can pledge that the payoff of dream work is incredibly rewarding and can lead to accelerated, profound insights into our personality and psyche.

My mission during my sessions is to empower you, by teaching you tools that unlock and decode the mystery of your night time dreams. My desire is for you to utilize dream alchemy as the compass that guides you through the ups and downs of your waking life and the propeller to quantum healing the “lost” aspects of yourself.

In addition to being an enthusiastic Dream Life Coach I am also an internationally trained and practiced Holistic Health Practitioner with degrees and certifications in Physical Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai-Yoga and Hot-Stone Massage. Currently I am enhancing my practice with the study and use of Flower Essences, Sound and Aromatherapy.

I look forward to working with you!

Alison is a Berlin Native, lives in Los Angeles with her Partner Joe, their beautiful daughter Lyon, and two dogs: Benji and Lady. In her spare time she also works on her artistic endeavors under the name of Ali-Krafts.

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