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Recently I visited the site of an ancient healing center in Greece – the Temple of Asklepios, god of medicine. Formerly a sprawling complex beside the still-standing grand amphitheater at Epidauros, it has been reduced by time to a field of twisted trees and rubble, yet once it was one of the most distinguished medical facilities in ancient Greece. Dreams were understood back then to be an important piece of the puzzle of life and well-being. The Greeks believed that the sick would be visited in dreams by divine physicians with cures and remedies. Dream interpreters sought clues to combat illness by analyzing the dreams of the afflicted.

Throughout history – in the vanguard cultures of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Native Americans and more – people paid high regard to dreams, believing they held a key to knowledge, health, and power. Many temples were built in dedication to the gods of medicine and healing, allowing pilgrims to enter dream incubation chambers for one or more nights to receive a healing dream.

Over the ages, scholars, scientists, and dream authorities have made countless breakthroughs regarding the importance of dreams, the functions of the brain, and the benefits of dreaming, yet how many dreams are forgotten or dismissed? How many people simply shrug and say, “It was just a dream”?

We seem to have forgotten that throughout history, many significant ideas, breakthroughs and inventions were inspired by dreams – from Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine to Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr’s theory of the structure of atoms; from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, based on her dream/nightmare, to Beethoven’s musical compositions.

I believe – like the ancients, like our ancestors, like many generations before us – that we should treasure our dreams. They are the language of our soul, the bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds, allowing us to unveil our true potential, reconnect with our authentic self, and work toward understanding our life purpose.

Dreams are one of countless elements that together make up the fabric of our lives. They are mysterious and challenging, and at the same time offer answers, solutions, peace, and growth. We only need to know how to unlock them. The same is true of many other spiritual facets of life.

In addition to studying dreams with Kelly – Doctor Dream – and becoming a certified dream-life coach, I have devoted myself to studying and expanding my knowledge of spirituality from acclaimed masters and teachers around the world. I am a certified energy healer and intuitive consultant with extensive studies and background in the Akashic records, life after death, reincarnation and astral travel. I am also an enthusiast of lucid dreaming, tarot cards and past-life regression. I am currently engaged in the study of elemental space clearing.

I spent my childhood in Hong Kong and came to the U.S. where I put myself through college and graduate school. With hard work, I made a successful career in the financial industry.

My upbringing on two continents gave me a solid understanding of both Asian and Western cultures and philosophies. Over the years I have continued to study Chinese philosophies. I developed a strong interest in feng shui, which is one of the most profound ancient arts/sciences, developed to help improve people’s lives by creating the optimal and harmonious flow of energy within a space.

In ancient times, feng shui was a greatly protected secret used exclusively by the Chinese emperors to sustain their powers and to increase their wealth and prosperity. Even today, it is used by multinational corporations and people of affluence.

Several years ago I launched a successful feng shui business and created a new approach called Alternative Feng Shui, which updates all the orthodox and traditional beliefs and gives feng shui a facelift by bringing the ancient Chinese discipline into today’s modern, fast-paced world. It is no longer a mysterious secret that only benefits exclusive groups of people. People don’t need to completely remodel their homes; people don’t need break the bank. Feng shui doesn’t have to be complicated, old-fashioned or costly. It doesn’t require a drastic change of lifestyle. You don’t need to make your living space spartan and zen-like.

My approach is to show my clients a simple and affordable approach to fit their lifestyles and maximize the surroundings they already have – and still receive amazing results. Alternative Feng Shui is designed for the modern person living a contemporary lifestyle who wants the benefit of thousands of years of accumulated insights.

I believe my life purpose is to help people improve their lives. One way is by educating others about this ancient Chinese art and offering my assistance and extensive spiritual training to help enhance their physical and psychic space.

Dream-life coaching is another way to do the same thing using different tools in a different realm. I believe we are given the key – our nighttime dream – to unlock, unveil, explore or simply just be with the infinite, immeasurable treasures of our subconscious mind, our spirit, our higher self and that subtle inner voice, which has all the wisdom, insight and answers we will ever need in this life journey.

With the right tools and guidance, we can decode the language from our souls, integrate our past experiences, our nighttime dreams and daytime realities, to equip us to be strong and resilient and prepared to fulfill and achieve our life dreams.

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