Becky Lemere

I have always had vivid dreams ever since I was a little girl. I have always known my dreams have my life.

Becky discovered the Dream Life Coach Training through the Dream Oracle Cards by Kelly Sullivan Walden. She knew She was being pushed to go through the training. Becky started doing readings in 2004. What drew her to coaching was helping others to discover their own answers. She also loved that it wasn’t just about night time dreams but also our day time dreams. The training has helped her to make her own dreams come true. She looks forward to helping others make their dreams come true.

In addition to dreams, she is a certified Career Card Reader through Margo Mateas. She is also a certified Oracle Card guide through Colette Baron Reid. She also does tarot and Chakra reading.

Becky currently lives in Michigan and works as an EMT part time and works at a metaphysical store. Her dream is to do readings and coaching full time which she is currently working on. Becky looks forward to talking with you.

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