DLCT Year 2

DLCT Year 2 (aka DLCT2)

CONGRATULATIONS to you, Certified Dream-Life Coach, on completing year one, passing all your tests with flying colors, doing amazing Dream Projects, lots of BAD PJs, and for becoming an official Dream-Life Coach!

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Year two of Dream-Life Coach Training (DLCT2) will be similar to last year, yet very different.

The training will be similar in that we will continue to offer a nurturing, supportive environment for you as you grow, develop, and unfold in the creation of your own dream life. We will continue to reference Joseph Campbell’s version of the “Hero’s Journey”, and we will continue to do our BAD PJs…including beginning a new Dream Project.

What will be different this year is that the emphasis will be on “taking it to the streets” and paying it forward. This year you will discover tools and support to (if you choose) market yourself and develop a business as a professional Dream-Life Coach.

You only keep what you give away…so whether or not you will actually be coaching people, you’ve learned a LOT over the last year…and in order to keep it (and grow it) you will be working towards your own unique way of sharing your skills with your community…so that, as the saying goes:

As one is lifted…all are lifted!


To the one whom much has been given, much is expected. 

Like last year, the majority of our sessions will take place via conference call. Some will be live, some will be recorded in an archive to listen to at your convenience,

The information that follows will support you with the practical aspects of how to get organized and ready for an amazing life changing journey!

You will be contacted via e-mail as to when the phone sessions will be (most of them will be on Tuesdays at noon).

Pricing: I’ve decided (and I think you will be pleased) to keep the price point low and affordable for all of you…so the price for DLCT 2.0 will be similar to last year.

(Keep in mind that programs similar to this charge 10 times more–literally. But because you are on the leading edge, you are getting a great discount!)


Here Are Your 3 Payment Options

Option 1: Pay $100 per month (12 monthly payments):

Option 2: Pay $500 now, and (11 monthly payments of $75)

Option 3: Pay $995 (one time payment for the year)

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