Excerpt from I had the Strangest Dream:

“I had the strangest dream!” How many times have you heard that expression fly out of your mouth, and in the telling of the tale, found yourself bewildered on that mystical bridge between sleep and awake, scratching your head, asking the question, “I wonder what that means?”

As we ponder what it all means, take heart in knowing that it is rare not to have a strange dream. In fact, we should be so grateful for our sojourn into the dream world. As scientific evidence demonstrates, depriving a person of their dreams for several days encourages psychotic tendencies in the awakened state.

We could say that we need to dream more than we need to sleep!

Our nighttime journey begins when our conscious mind takes its bow for the day, exhausted from 16 hours of appropriate, politically correct behavior, stuffing animal instincts into man-made cubicles of efficiency and order, squelching our desire to make out with the sexy new co-worker, resisting the temptation to tell the boss to (bleep) off…dotting i’s, crossing t’s…not to mention minding our p’s and q’s until we can’t see straight. Whew! The conscious mind collapses backstage while our subconscious mind, chomping at the bit, lunges forth onto the center stage for the Late Show of our lives where all that was suppressed by day, gets expressed by night.

In our fast-paced world of globalization, double half-caf-low-cal-no-whip-soy mochachinos and turbo-speed internet access; our dreams are working overtime to keep us sane.

Dancing wildly in the grey matter of today’s dreamer are such symbols as: blog, life-coach, laptop, terrorist, E-bay, Tivo and Starbucks, which The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century decodes.

Instead of a horse and carriage, a modern dreamer might dream of a fuel-efficient hybrid car zipping past gridlock traffic in an HOV Lane.

Instead of penning a letter with a quill, you might dream of sitting in a cyber café e-mailing a friend. Instead of surfing the ocean blue, you might dream of surfing the web and meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right on Match.com.

So, in addition to over 3,500 classic dream symbols, “The 21st Century Dreamer’s Dictionary” includes such contemporary symbols as: Atkins Diet, blackberry, blipvert, bling-bling, botox, buddy list, Curves, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil, DVD, e-book, frappaccino, hacker, internet, internet-café, liposuction, keyword, Kinko’s, Match.com, metro-sexual, MLM, MTV, multi-tasking,multiplex, Netflix, Oprah, rapid dating, retail therapy, ringtone, screensaver, search engine, Simon Cowell, text message, Viagra, website, and world wide web.

Understanding the symbolism behind these 21st Century words will help you keep up with your dreams that are trying desperately to keep up with you!

Our unedited, unscripted, unrated, uncensored, graphic, high speed, high tech, sometimes violent and XXX dreams toss out the G-rated niceties of our public persona. In our nighttime dream theatre our still, small voice of intuition and authenticity gets a bullhorn and runs the show without constraints.

We call them Strange Dreams because they act out the metaphors we speak when we are awake. In our waking reality it’s common to say, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”, “That guy is a pain in my neck”, “You’re pulling my leg”, “How many frogs will I have to kiss before I find my prince?”, “When pigs fly!” “After he kissed me I felt ten feet tall and I was walking on air!”

We think nothing of it when we hear these figures of speech, but when we recount a dream where we are kissing a frog while pigs are flying overhead, and we are dancing on air as high as a kite, we call it strange!

So, the mantra to keep in mind as you decode the mystery of your dreams is “Metaphors be with me!”

Dreams…a Mysterious Wake-up Call

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

Extensive research at Harvard University, University of Chicago, Walter Reed Institute of Research, and Mount Sinai Hospital has revealed that everyone dreams between 3-9 dreams a night. It’s also estimated that we dream for a minimum of two hours every night.

If a typical lifespan is seventy years, that means we’ll spend 51,100 hours of our lives dreaming! Doesn’t it make sense to take an interest in exploring this landscape we visit for 51,100 hours of our lives?

So, whether you are one of those rare creatures who vividly remember their dreams, or one who only has a single recurring dream, know that your dreams are a great ally. Dreams can indicate the obstacles blocking your greatest expression, and/or illuminate your most direct route to awareness and personal fulfillment.

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